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Agile testing for all of your apps


So your awesome app needs testing?

Make sure that your user experience is the best that it can be with Beta Family's powerful and easy to use testing tools. Set up your test in minutes and watch as your app is tested and scrutinized by real testers. Run a test for free or sign up today to access our most experienced testers.

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Create tests for all kinds of devices

It is crucial that your app provides the same user experience, no matter which device it’s being used on. With Beta Family you can take advantage of the power of crowdsourcing - enabling you to run tests on all kinds of devices. Today, there are over 750 different kinds of devices in our tester database.

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Import and manage your own testing teams

Import your own testers from a number of systems or invite your co-workers, friends and family. With the Beta Family's team function you can set up different groups for different levels of testing. Maybe run an alpha test on your teammates before beta testing on mom!

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Engage new testers from our huge family

When you need fresh eyes on your app, Beta Family comes to the rescue! With more than 20 000 testers from over 175 countries, Beta Family lets you filter out the right target group for your app. Sign up for a pricing plan to test with our top rated and most experienced testers!

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Get insight through rich test reports

After each test is completed, you get access to detailed information about the test, statistics, user comments and suggestions. This is where the true power of testing shines through. Our users are sure to find that bug you missed and nail that difficult user interaction you struggled with!

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Quality testers make money - it’s a win-win

Beta Family lets you set up rewards for your tests, so that you can attract highly rated testers that will give you even higher quality feedback. The highest rated testers use their expertise and experience to provide you with the push you need to perfect your app and get it ready for launch!

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