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AceBy : Hire Better Freelancers - Test

by AceBy, Inc.

We are the world’s first location based peer to peer job sharing mobile app. Hire...

We are the world’s first location based peer to peer job sharing mobile app. Hire the best talent, or find work from your locations instantly. Let’s get it done. - POST A PROJECT ON THE GO! Simply post a project for free, and you’ll start to receive bids within seconds. You can choose to get projects done at fixed rates, and you’ll only have to pay for the work once you are 100% satisfied. It’s that easy. - EARN MONEY BY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! Are you talented in a field and looking for work? Join our mobile app as a freelancer. You’ll be able to offer your service to employers in your location, whilst working whenever and from wherever you like. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For employers: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Get project completed quickly, efficiently, and within budget. • Only pay for work when you are 100% satisfied. • Post a job and instantly receive bids from talented freelance professionals in your location. • View and choose the perfect freelancer for your project needs. • Securely held payments. • Get projects done at fixed budget. • Award project on-the-go. Just tap the app, award, and your freelancer begins their work. • Communicate via our chat messenger with your freelancer, and stay updated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For freelancers: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Work from home or from anywhere in the world. • Say goodbye to 9-to-5 and say hello to a life of job flexibility. • Find freelance work in your location. • Set up with our mobile app and bid on projects that suit your skills. • Bid on work while you’re on-the-go. • Communicate with employers via our chat messenger. • Only start work once payment have been uploaded in escrow. • Be protected by a secure freelance platform that works for both freelancers and employers. • Receive all your tax filing documents at the end of the year.

18 Mar - 28 Mar

iOS 9.0 - 11.3 b5


Lота 3D Tеxт Sтiсkmаn mеssеngеr (Beta)- Tеst

by UltraMaximus

General functionality testing (beta - focused on finding bugs). Should take about 5 minutes....

General functionality testing (beta - focused on finding bugs). Should take about 5 minutes. First time run and If contact does not have this app running (limited functionality to MMS messaging): 1) Install app via download link. Once installed run app and accept Terms and Conditions 2) In "Invite" tab click contact to send MMS message 3) Click "Ok" to send SMS contact to download app 4) In Chat screen, type a text message and send MMS message 4a) Optional customize text message by clicking "R" button and select various enhanced features available Please note audio blips are not sent in this mode. Audio blips are sent if the contact has also installed and is running the app. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If contact has this app running (full functionality available including internet messaging) 1) In "Recent" tab click contact to send internet Stickman animation message 2) In Chat screen, type a text message and then click on Stickman icon 3) Select face image to send (or apply Selfie photo). Optional background image/photo and audio in the other tab 4) Select stickman animation template and hit send button ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: The main focus is to find bugs on different devices by sending a message. Lota is a hybrid of SMS and Internet messaging and uses SMS/MMS when contact is offline or does not have Lota running. The app is in beta state and still being developed so the current state of the User Interface can be ignored. Thank you and enjoy the testing!

1 Mar - 21 Mar

Android 5.0 - 8.0